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  • Wanderers Members

WSW Members receive 25% off the following Wanderers Football Clinics: Term 3 2017, Term 4 2017, Term 1 2018 or Term 2 2018 as well as School Holiday clinics in October 2017 or the January 2018 program.

  • Privacy Policy

We will not share any information you provide to us with any third party except where that information is required for a credit card transaction a customer has authorised.Email addresses will be used to inform customers of upcoming events unless a customer requests that it is not used for this purpose.Photographs and videos of players may be used in advertising, photo galleries, our website or marketing but will not be used in conjunction with any names. If you do not want your son or daughters photographs used in this manner please let us know.

  • Waiver / Liability / Permission Form

By signing your child in online or at any clinic you agree to the terms and conditions below (as if you were signing the form). You (the Parent or Guardian) understand that WSW Community will retain the enrolment information submitted on a confidential database and it shall be removed if requested. WSW community will only use this information to let you know of further clinics, unless you advise us that you do not wish it to. You understand that WSW Community does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation in a clinic program due to any cause whatsoever. You acknowledge and agree to your child, or the child you are in charge of, attending this clinic/s and that you accept the risks of your child participating in this program. You hereby release and discharge WSW Community from any claims, which you or your children now or at any time may make in connection with or incidental to your child’s participation in the clinic. Nothing in this waiver is intended to exclude anything which cannot be excluded by law. WSW Community retains the right to exclude any further participation of any player who infringes on the rights of other participants. If signing for an outdoor holiday clinic you give our coaches permission to drive your child to our wet weather facility if we need to relocate during the day. By accepting these terms and conditions you give us permission to take your child to a hospital or call for an ambulance if need be. Please contact the organisers if you have an objection to pictures/video footage of your child appearing in publicity and advertising material for WSW Community (children’s names are not used in conjunction with images).

  • Illness and Injury Policy

Minor Illness or Injury – If a participant has a minor illness or injury (cold, sprained ankle etc) they are more than welcome to do a make-up class at another venue within the same Term or Holiday Period, however no refund or credit will be issued in this situation. Major Illness or Injury – If a participant has a major illness or injury (glandular fever, broken leg etc) participants need to issue a medical certificate and then a credit/refund may be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Credits and Refunds Policy

If you are unable to attend a clinic, all participants are welcome to attend a make-up class at another time and venue within the same term/period. Please contact our office on: 1300 139 938 to organise this.

If you have paid for a term or a clinic and are unable to attend due to medical reasons, please contact our office to organise a credit for future programs. In certain scenarios a refund can be organised by contacting Western Sydney Wanderers Community management.

Western Sydney Wanderers Community reserves the right to make refunds at its own discretion and all refunds incur an administration fee.